Guyana Industrial Supplies

„Guyana industrial supplies“ is the „industrial outfitter“ for Guyana’s industry including its fast growing oil / gas, marine, offshore sectors as well as construction and mining industries! As a wholesaler we export „Made in Germany“ as well as „Made in Europe“ high quality industrial supplies to Guyana.

Guyana Industrial Supplies

We supply Guyana with high quality industrial supplies.

At DEDE Industrieausstattung (by AAAgiler GmbH, Germany), we take pride in being your premier German exporter and wholesaler of top-tier industrial supplies, dedicated to meeting the unique needs of the flourishing oil industry in Guyana.

We specialize in supplying various industries, including construction and mining, in addition to the oil sector. In Guyana, oil and the mining of bauxite and gold stand out as the cornerstone of the economy.

Our industrial supplies are engineered with the precision and reliability synonymous with German craftsmanship and engineering. Benefit from a seamless fusion of advanced technology and meticulous attention to detail. In the demanding landscape of the oil and offshore industry, durability and safety are non-negotiable. We export robust and long-lasting solutions for the rigors of the Guyanese oil sector.

We have established an interdisciplinary, global team of engineers, business professionals, and aspiring scientists, which we continuously expand to provide comprehensive technical advice to our customers. And in case we cannot answer a question directly, our specialized suppliers will most likely be able to do so.

We make the latest Industry 4.0 and customized AI solutions available to Guyana’s industry

Cutting-Edge Technology: Stay ahead of the curve with our cutting-edge technological solutions. We offer the latest innovations e.g. in Artificial intelligence (AI) and Industry 4.0 solutions, ensuring your operations remain at the forefront of efficiency and productivity. E.g. thousands of sensors in an oil field continuously generate large volumens of data. This data may have missing values, incorrect values, noise and be sampled at different times and rates. It is important to generate high-quality data before it can be used to better understand the physics of the underlying reservoir and production network.

Tailored solutions and customized industrial supplies

We work together with an extensive supplier / manufacturer network in Germany as well as in Europe. Many are medium-sized companies spezialized in certain product niches and offer customized sulotions. German manufacturers equip the world’s factories with their advanced machines and industrial equipment. Recognizing the diverse requirements of the oil and offshore industry, we offer a comprehensive range of industrial supplies, each tailored to address specific challenges.

Compliance with International Standards

The Europe Union (EU) and particularly Germany have one of the highest standards globally to protect employees and the environment. Our commitment to quality extends beyond borders. Rest easy knowing that our industrial supplies meet and often exceed international standards, ensuring compliance and safety in every aspect of your operations. Like being compliant with ATEX to ensure the safety of our products being used in explosive environments.

Responsive Technical Customer Support

As a smaller, but fast growing industrial wholesaler, we prioritize your customer satisfaction. Our responsive technical sales team is ready to assist you at every step, providing solutions and guidance tailored to your unique needs.Partner with us and elevate your operations with our unparalleled industrial supplies, setting new benchmarks for excellence, reliability and safety. Experience the power of German quality.

Industrial Supplies Guyana
Industrial Supplies Guyana

Industrial supplies offered by us

Protective Work Clothing and Workwear: Ensure the safety of your workforce with our comprehensive range of protective work clothing and workwear. Our products are designed to meet industry standards and provide reliable protection in various industrial environments. From durable coveralls to specialized safety vests, we’ve got you covered including with the following features:

Proctective clothing and workwear for Guyana's industry
Workwear for Guyana
proctective clothes for welding
Proctective clothes for welding
  • Chemical Protection: Our work clothings can be equipped with special materials to provide reliable protection against chemical hazards. Your employees can rely on your clothing to shield you from potentially dangerous substances.
  • Heat and Flame Protection: With our focus on safety, our garments are designed to protect you from heat and flames. This feature is particularly crucial in environments where high temperatures and sparks are present.
  • Arc Flash Protection: Working near arc flashes poses risks. Our work clothing incorporates integrated protective mechanisms to shield you from the dangers of arc flashes, ensuring your safety.
  • Machine Protection: Safety is paramount when working with machinery. Our clothing provides protection against moving parts and other potential hazards, allowing you to focus on your task.
  • Welder’s Protection: Welding requires special precautions. Our welding protection clothing is designed to repel sparks and welding splatter, preventing injuries and burns.
  • Antistatic: Working in environments where electrostatic discharges can occur requires antistatic clothing. Our work clothing reduces the risk of discharges, protecting you and your surroundings.
  • Warning Protection: Visibility is crucial, especially in work environments with heavy traffic or poor lighting conditions. Our work clothing with warning protection features ensures that you are always highly visible, preventing accidents.
  • Weather / Sun Protection: Whether it’s rain, wind, or strong sun, our work clothing offers reliable weather as well as UV protection, keeping you comfortable and protected under all conditions, even in challenging offshore environments. For the extra warm weather demands of the offshore industry we offer overalls constructed with a lighter weight highly innovative flame-resistant fabric.
Cooling Helmet Sweatband
Cooling Helmet Sweatband, soak in water for cooling effect
Fire resistant overall for hot weather, especially developed for the offshore industry
Fire resistant overall for hot weather, especially developed for the offshore industry, 40+ UPF rated fabric to block 98% of UV rays
proctective clothes for the oil industry
Proctective clothes for the oil industry

Customized Industrial Supplies: Tailored solutions to meet your unique industrial requirements, ensuring optimal functionality and efficiency in your operations. E.g. we offer customized non-corroding FRP structures and components, e.g. like drill floors, walkways, stairs and ladders as well as ATEX FRP grids.

Markings and Labels: Enhance safety, workflow, and identification in the industrial environment with our high-quality (floor) markings and labels, featuring barcodes for efficient tracking. We also offer long lasting markings and post for pipeline and power supply companies as well as for industrial plants. Furthermore, we offer large customized markings for oil tanks and other facilities.

warehouse and rack labeling
warehouse and rack labeling
self-adhesive floor marking
self-adhesive floor marking
floor markings with warnings
floor markings with warnings
warehouse signs
warehouse signs

Escape route markings: e.g. also fluorescent / glow in the dark or to be fitted on metal gratings espcially in the offshore industry

Escape route markings

Escape route markings

Special Adhesives / Adhesive Tapes: Secure and bond components effectively with our industrial-grade adhesives, ensuring reliable assemblies in various industrial processes – also for salty water. We also offer repair kits for steel and under water.

Special Technical Chemicals and Cleaning Detergents: Keep workspaces clean and hygienic with our technical chemicals and cleaning detergents, suitable for industrial equipment, machines, facilities, and cars/trucks. Furthermore, products for bulk buyers in the fields of additives (diesel as well as cleaners, especially for motor vehicles and car washes

  • Our cleaning and care products are manufactured in Germany and exported to over 50 countries worldwide. Our diverse product range includes lubricants, greases, oil additives, nano sealants, cleaners, special cleaners, aerosols and also tailor-made developments for use in workshops, industry and the automotive sector.
  • We offer Private Label Detergents and Chemical Products.

Lubricants: Engine oils, gear oils, automatic transmission fluids, commercial vehicle oils, hydraulic oils, industrial oils, brake fluids, motor cycle oils


  • Disinfectant cleaner – has a germicidal and odor neutralizing effect.
  • Brake cleaner – a highly effective cleaning agent for drum and disc brakes, brake linings and pads, clutch linings and pressure plates, as well as all parts in and around the motor vehicle which are contaminated with oil, grease, etc.
  • Path cleaner – a highly concentrated fast-acting biological cleaning agent for the sustainable cleaning and maintenance of your stone slabs, concrete surfaces, paths as well as gravel passages & pebbles)
  • Machines and Equipment Cleaners – a powerful cleaner for removing oil, grease, soot and other contaminants from machines and equipment
  • Workshop Cleanis a powerful universal cleaner, for all soiling in the workshop area. The cleaner is ideal for the removal of oil, grease and fat contamination, as well as for many other types of contamination.
  • Cold Cleaner – solvent-based and removes the most stubborn dirt, such as oil, tar or greases, from almost all materials and surfaces
  • Wash Benzine -effortlessly removes all types of soiling such as grease, oil and paint stains. The white spirit can be used on almost all surfaces, textiles, tools and many other areas of application. Leaves no traces after use!
  • Silicone Remover – a universal solvent-based cleaner and degreaser.
  • Stain remover – a fast and effective stain remover and removes stains from oils, greases, drinks, tars and many other types effortlessly and without leaving any residues. It is recommended for use on textiles, vehicle interiors, carpets and many other surfaces.

Additives: for gasoline, diesel and LP gas systems, cooler, engines, automatic transmissions, cash wash (hot wax, nano gloss dryer) and for swimming pool maintenance (PH lowering liquid, PH lifting liquid, Pool Booster contains only small amounts of chlorine but still disinfects the pool water reliably so that the pool is free of bacteria, algae and germs)

What else we can offer:

Working and Rig Mats: Create a comfortable and safe working environment with our ergonomic and oil-resistant working mats, offering anti-fatigue properties and slip resistance. Rig safety mats are designed for use as setback areas during drilling operations. These mats are widely recognized as a top-tier solution for safeguarding equipment and preventing slips and falls. Their design and functionality make them an excellent choice to enhance safety and ensure a secure working environment in the challenging conditions of drilling operations. Furthermore, we offer core trays to store the drilling cores in different diameters.

Industrial Mats Nitril Oil resistant Fire Retardant Guayana
Industrial Mats – oil resistant fire retardant
Drill mat for oil rigs
Drill mat for oil rigs
Setback area mat for pipes on drill floor
Setback area mat for pipes on drill floor
setback area for oil jig
Setback area for drill rods
core trays for drillings
Core trays for drillings

Anti-Slip Solutions: Promote a secure working environment with our anti-slip solutions for floors, stairs, ladders and other surfaces, reducing the risk of accidents. We have special anti-slip solutions for the offshore industry. E.g we provide anti-slip handrails to further enhance safety. Our anti-slip handrails are designed to offer a secure grip, reducing the risk of accidents and providing added stability in various working environments. These handrails complement our commitment to comprehensive safety solutions, ensuring the well-being of personnel and preventing slips and falls in critical areas.

Anti-slip handrails for oil rigs
Anti-slip handrails for oil rigs
Anti-slip stairs
Anti-slip stairs
anti-slip ladder rung covers
anti-slip ladder rung covers
anti-slip ladder rung covers for offshore usage
anti-slip ladder rung covers for offshore usage

Special Industrial Flooring: Choose our durable and high-performance industrial flooring solutions for heavy-duty environments, offering strength, chemical resistance, and easy maintenance.

Anti-Vibration Solutions: Minimize vibrations and ensure smooth operations with our range of anti-vibration solutions, protecting both equipment and personnel.

Noise Protection Solutions: Create a quieter and more comfortable work environment with our noise protection solutions, including soundproofing materials, acoustic barriers, and noise-canceling technologies.

Industrial weighing scales and measurement devices: You can only improve something, if you measure it!

Industrial weighing scales for Guyana
Industrial weighing scales and measurement devices for Guyana

Transport carts, long goods transport carts and forklift attachments: Make your internal transport easier!

Special Storage Supplies: Maximize storage capacity and maintain organization with our racks, shelves, and containers, streamlining your inventory management.

Construction Supplies and Equipment: Transform your construction endeavors with our expansive selection of premium building supplies, like customized concrete formwork e.g. for columns, pillars or round / circular formwork for silos, tanks or towers. Offering resilient materials and state-of-the-art tools, we deliver all-encompassing solutions for a smooth construction journey. Committed to the highest standards, our products guarantee reliability, efficiency, and safety on every project site.

customized concrete formwork
customized concrete formwork

Heavy-Duty Products: You need to handle or lift long or heavy objects like pipes or steel beams etc.? We have the right robust solutions for you. E. g. heavy-duty props for up to 40 tonnes (400 KN) and a maximum height of 11.3 m. The heavy-duty prop consists of a height-adjustable end piece with spindle, expandable centre elements and a head piece. The centre sections are available in heights of 0.156 m, 0.312 m, 0.625 m, 1.25 m and 2.50 m.

heavy-duty props up to 40 t / 400 KN and 11 m
Heavy-duty props up to 40 t / 400 KN and 11 m height

Offshore scaffolding including installation: Offshore scaffolding refers to the temporary framework erected around structures or vessels in marine environments such as oil rigs, platforms, or ships. Its purpose is to provide access for maintenance, repair, inspection, or construction activities. Installation of offshore scaffolding involves meticulous planning, compliance with relevant safety regulations, and specialized equipment due to the challenging and tough environment. Offshore scaffolding installation requires highly skilled personnel with expertise in rigging, welding, as well as construction techniques, and in addition indepth knowledge of marine safety protocols.

Skin and Sun Protection Creams: Our skin protection program encompasses personalized and specially effective solutions and creams in the areas of skin protection against sun and chemicals, skin cleansing, and skincare. It creates a protective barrier against various workplace hazards, safeguarding the skin from potential irritants and contaminants.

Sun cream Factor 50 with very high protection against UV-A and UV-B rays
Sun cream Factor 50 against UV exposure from technical radiation sources (e.g. during welding work) and from sunlight (e.g. in road construction and during leisure time)

Hand and Skin Cleaners: Revitalize and protect your skin in diverse industrial settings with our specialized skin cleansing solutions. Tailored for the unique challenges posed by various applications, our products ensure effective removal of contaminants such as 2-component varnish, bitumen, cement, sealing materials, dusts, epoxy-resins, floor sealants, glues, graphite, grease, resins, lacquers, lime, lubricants, oil, paints, polyurethane foams, soot and tar. From light to extreme exposures, our skin cleansing formulations are designed to meet the demands of your industry, offering a comprehensive solution for maintaining skin health and hygiene. Experience superior skin care tailored to your specific work environment.

Industrial Furniture: Elevate your workspace with our collection of industrial furniture (including top quality industrial chairs) designed for durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

industrial chairs
industrial chairs

Industial Racks: Maximize your storage efficiency and organization with our robust and versatile industrial shelves, e.g. for pallets or pipes. Engineered for durability and strength, our industrial racks provide reliable solutions for warehouse and industrial storage needs.

palette racks
Palette racks for Europalettes or Chemical palettes
cantilever racking
cantilever racking

Grids, Barriers and Gates: Ensure safety and control access with our high-quality grids (made out of steel or FRP) and high-security barriers as well as autmatic mobile gates (installed in containers). Whether you need secure fencing, crowd control barriers, or safety enclosures, our products are designed to meet your specific needs in various industrial and public settings. We offer also a wide range of construction fences.

Mobile welding protection wall made out of cardboard, M1 non-flamable rated, originally developed for use in nuclear power plant!
Mobile welding protection wall made out of cardboard, M1 non-flamable rated, originally developed for use in nuclear power plant!

Fences, gates and industrial safety guards: Fences, gates, and industrial safety guards are indispensable components of security and safety infrastructure across residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Fences serve as sturdy barriers, offering privacy and delineating property boundaries, while gates provide controlled access points for pedestrians and vehicles. Mobile gates as well as construction fences are deployed on construction sites, facilitating temporary enclosure and access control. Industrial safety guards are vital for protecting workers and assets by preventing access to hazardous areas and machinery. Together, these structures ensure maintaining order, enhancing security, and mitigating risks in diverse environments. In addition, we offer prefabricated reinforced shelters, safe rooms and panic rooms to protect your workforce.

industrial safety guards and fences
Industrial safety guards and fences
Mobile gates for construction sites
Mobile gates for construction sites

Dropped Object Prevention: Mitigate the risk of injuries and damage caused by falling objects on offshore platforms with our specialized dropped object prevention solutions using nets. The unique challenges of offshore environments demand robust measures to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment

Lubricants in Guyana: Explore our premium selection of engine oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils, industrial oils, and more – crafted with quality in Germany! Elevate your machinery’s performance and durability with our top-notch lubrication solutions. Trust in excellence, trust in Lubricants for Guyana!

… and in case we do not have a suitable solution on hand, we will search for new suppliers for you!


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